Don't you hate what it takes to promote yourself these days?

you're not alone!

The beautiful website, the stunning photos, the trendy branding, the never-ending content creation, the mysteries of SEO, and the indignity of trying to please the Ever-Shifting Almighty Algorithm? Do you spend way too long trying to come up with an Instagram caption? Would you rather dig a hole and live in it than do a cute dance on TikTok? Did you try posting videos and reels on Instagram like everybody said you should and it got you absolutely nowhere? Are you struggling to convey your vision? Do you have no idea how to write about yourself? Is your content and copy lackluster, inconsistent, or not representing you authentically? Has everyone been telling you need to write blogs to improve your SEO rankings, but you have no time to write? Do you hate social media and its toxic grip on our culture?

Do you long to put your damn phone down and just focus more on your craft?

Hi! I'm 


i'm a creative shapeshifter

Leaving the corporate tech world in 2017 was one of the best things I’ve ever done to protect my mental health. I mean, who thrives under fluorescent lighting? No thanks, Patrick Bateman. Carving out a space for myself helped me see the world outside of the bleak corporate lens I had once known. I learned that there are a lot of different paths to success. I didn’t just make a career out of being a creative shapeshifter, I also gave myself the freedom and accommodations I needed for my health. Now I want to help other people find the same kind of freedom.


Stop making content

start making connections.

Viral social media advice is not created equal

Most of the advice you see online is specifically intended for influencers. It doesn't translate across industries. Ignore the Instagram coaches! You don't need to start posting 3 Reels a day. You need to find the right audience, speak directly to them, foster your connection with them, and genuinely give a shit about them. Let them see how much you love what you do, put your best face forward, and just be totally, authentically you. I can help you streamline your content creation, upgrade your aesthetic, and give you a marketing makeover so you can spend more time doing what you love. And no, you don’t have to dance on TikTok.

I find most marketing advice to be deeply toxic, encouraging unhealthy social media dynamics for both business owners & their audiences.

it doesn't have to be that way, though

We're protecting our mental health these days. We're breaking toxic cycles. We're staying moisturized and hydrated. We’re sick of doom scrolling and constantly being on our phones. If you’re doing something you truly believe in—if you’re genuinely providing value and you’ve got a fantastic product or service, you simply don’t need viral marketing trickery intended for influencers. You also don’t need to drastically change your marketing strategy every time Instagram changes their algorithm. 

Ready to put your damn phone down & focus more on doing what you love?

let's go!