You're a


capturing his element

Regardless of industry, I can't stand a stuffy, fake-looking portrait. For a criminal defense attorney specifically, I think it's important for potential new clients to connect with and relate to the person representing them — it's a relationship that requires a tremendous amount of trust. The aesthetic of the photos was crucial to the design, but the emotional connection the photos was just as important. I love these shots of Matt and as someone who knows him personally, it's awesome to see his personality come through, too.

Tell me something good

Matt has a ton of amazing reviews from clients, so I used pull quotes from the reviews as design elements across the entire site.

phone home

I knew most people would be viewing this website on a phone, so I spent a lot of extra time writing code to keep the design responsive. 

high contrast

I love the depth this charcoal color creates! After doing a few super bright & colorful projects in a row, it was pretty satisfying to make a statement with just a few colors.

now that's good soup





a difference you can touch

I'm obsessed with those tactile business cards that are embossed with logos you can actually feel. I designed a sleek, memorable business card for Matt with the back containing his logo and important info, but the front features his raised initials printed on a silk paper.