nailing the vibe

This publication's summer issue is meant to be, "sexy, lusty, sensual, and sizzling." I wanted to invoke the spirit of the issue, tying Deutsch jewelry into an awakening of the senses. Post-pandemic, there has been a rise in romantic art and imagery, seen in such trends as the popular cottagecore aesthetic that dares viewers to imagine a sweeter, slower, and more simple time enjoying life's small moments of uncomplicated joy and pleasure. This longing for simple beauty also ushered in a resurgence of still life painting-inspired photography,

showcasing simple scenes containing fruit, food, and plants. The main backdrop of this photography tends to heavily feature light and shadow to create depth and a natural warmth. By employing the use of moody light and shadow that is so trendy in photography and advertising right now, I aim to reach the elder millennial woman who serves as the publication's primary demographic. I wanted to capture a sensual, slightly sexy scene that was simple yet thoughtful, casual and unpretentious, feminine and romantic.

Fresh Fruit

The pinnacle of sensuality, honestly. Fruit and jewelry together is just sexy. I also wanted to nail the reference to still life paintings.


While I wanted to feature the jewelry prominently, I also wanted at least a hint of the human element. I shot polaroids of the jewelry in the ad being worn, tossing them into a pile as we tried different combinations. This felt totally natural, just something you do with your girlfriends when you're sort of playing adult dress up. It was exactly the kind of energy I wanted to capture.

a warm pallette

I went with a warm color palette for a "summery" vibe, but also chose a color close to the Deutsch logo color to make it even more branded. 

now that's good soup




the Rainbow

more than a color story

The 2022 runways are featuring either big, chunky chains, super extra chokers, arm cuffs, body chains, and colorful jewelry. I wanted to capitalize on the color trend, because Deutsch features so many designers who make candy-like, vibrant, playful pieces. 



a fresh new take

This was the most recent print ad created for my client. The jewelry is beautiful, but the ad itself feels bland, lifeless, void of warmth, branding, and personality. The imagery was underwhelming and the use of stock photo felt corny. I wanted to take this concept and give it a makeover: an ad that has actual content with engaging copy relevant to the interests of my target demographic, beautiful imagery that also fits the theme of the issue, and featuring the gorgeous jewelry in a more natural way.

Our still life depicts a vacation day with the girls spent by the pool eating fruit, reading books, and sipping various beverages. As golden hour sets in and night approaches, our girls try on different jewelry and take polaroids to help them decide on what to wear to dinner.

Good Enough

to Eat

a feast for the senses

In her glory

the final ad

We write the blog content for Deutsch and used the same voice to write the ad copy. Using evocative, playful language that both paints a picture and somehow makes you hungry for this candy-like jewelry, we stay on trend while also grabbing attention. The end result is an invigorating change of pace for the client that both catches the eye and fits right in at the same time.

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